Flowers of our Backyard

One of the best things about living in California is the magical little garden we inherited. I've been making a practice with Sam of inspecting interesting leaves, picking pretty things to bring inside, and taking time to sit and just observe. I normally use those times as an opportunity to unplug and leave my tech indoors, but other times I grab my camera and document the foliage that we find beautiful or intriguing. It's so important to have a break from our electronics, but sometimes, if they're used well, they can help in our observation process. Setting out to photograph beauty in our yard or neighborhood is one way I can force myself to slow down and notice things from a different perspective. Below are a few recent shots from our quiet times out back before dusk, at magic hour, soaking it up.

Now, we're learning to name them all: gladioli, hydrangeas, roses (of different varieties, which I don't know yet), lavender, irises. My knowledge is still very limited, though. Can you tell me the names of any of these blooms?